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Heart Bag Black Beige x Rachelle Cunningham

Heart Bag Black Beige x Rachelle Cunningham

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One of a kind piece painted in collaboration with Rachelle Cunningham.     

black bag with 2 nude ladies - 

"Two Nymphs in Pearls & Roses" :

Is an ode to the collections up cycling designs that represent this love of the environment in creating something new with something already existing. 
Rachelle painted this piece "Two Nymphs in Pearls & Roses" as way to rend hommage to this collection "Duolismo" way of 
encapsulating  the beauty of the woman's body in all her divine power, painting pearls & roses to ornate the nymphs in their magical garden.
Adding a poetic artwork to the beautiful heart bag with frills and bows designed by Maria. The two artists come together to create a 
new piece merging art & fashion in a stunningly artistic one of kind bag. 

The artwork is done with fabric paint. Do not apply heat. Waterproof.  but to be treated as art none the less.


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