STUDIO 5 - Curated vintage, upcycling and sustainable concept space and store. 

STUDIO5 presents itself as a physical emulation of Bernad’s beliefs, a store transcended from the depths of the designer’s mind and harnessed using a workforce of sustainable collaborators.
The space features rails of upcycled, repurposed clothing and sculptured, ornamental homeware stands on display highlighting the breadth of Bernad’s romantic creativity.

STUDIO5 showcases the collections of Les Fleurs Studio (Bernad’s signature brand), a selection of vintage and upcycled products curated by STUDIO5 and María Bernad, alongside their atelier.

As STUDIO5 progresses, it will welcome innovative, unique, and experimental designers to share not only the space, but also the sustainable ethos Bernad has become so well-known for. STUDIO5 currently features the artistic work of Martin Faure and Oussama Garti in collaboration with Darmo Gallery.

5 Rue Dante, 75005 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 7pm